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the 5 best hangers for your closet!

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

When it comes to closet organization, hangers are important. They can act as space savers and give you back valuable real estate, especially if you’re in possession of a tiny closet. There are a lot of different options so how do you figure out which one or ones are right for you? Below are my top 5 choices and some information about hangers you never knew – exciting, I know!

The hanger was invented in 1869 by O.A. North of New Britain, Connecticut, how cool is that? Ok, you want pertinent information? Got it. When it comes to hangers, there are three sizes: adult, petite and child. Adult is best for men and broad women, petite (which is only sold online) is best for most women and child sized hangers are self-explanatory.

1. Petite slim-line velvet: when it comes to hangers in a women’s closet, I love these petite slimline velvet ones. For those of you who don’t like velvet, see options 2 and 3. I prefer the velvet because it prevents clothing from slipping off the hanger and into the abyss. The velvet slim-line hanger can also be found in both adult and child sizes. And there’s also the option to buy it just as a slimline shirt hanger. Another great thing about these hangers is that the head swivels so that if you hang something in the wrong direction, you can turn the head and not have to rehang the item. Too anal-retentive? Never.

2. Plastic slim-lime: for those who don’t like the velvet, there is a slimline plastic as well as a petite slimline plastic option.

3. Straight wood: for those of you who love you wood hangers, you want to go for the ones that are straight, not curved. The curve takes up more space than necessary. I’m a fan of these wood suit hangers from the Amazon basics collection. These are also good for clothing that is too heavy for a slimline hanger, like jackets or heavy sweaters.

4. Pant hanger: for pants, I like this easy to use pant hanger from Whitmor. You can also use a slimline hanger just as easily. I prefer folding pants over hanging them straight so that they don’t touch the floor but if you have the space, go for it!

5. Skirt hanger: this skirt hanger is my preference for hanging skirts and pants if you want them to hang long skirt hanger . You want something that clips because if you use one that just cinches and you have slippery material, that item is not going to stay put.

Money saving tip: skip child-sized hangers and go right for petite so that your children can use the hangers as they get older. Petite will fit children’s clothing but child hangers tend to be a little ridiculous to use for adult clothing.

Try my tips and tricks above and let me know how it goes! You can email me at and follow me on Instagram @toritheorganizer. Good luck on your hanger journey!


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