the 5 best hangers for your closet!

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

When it comes to closet organization, hangers are important. They can act as space savers and give you back valuable real estate, especially if you’re in possession of a tiny closet. There are a lot of different options so how do you figure out which one or ones are right for you? Below are my top 5 choices and some information about hangers you never knew – exciting, I know!

The hanger was invented in 1869 by O.A. North of New Britain, Connecticut, how cool is that? Ok, you want pertinent information? Got it. When it comes to hangers, there are three sizes: adult, petite and child. Adult is best for men and broad women, petite (which is only sold online) is best for most women and child sized hangers are self-explanatory.