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quick fix: the clothing chair

Raise your hand if you have a clothing chair/ clothing pile, etc. The good news is you’re not alone! Now what if I told you the solution was not to call yourself a slob and tell yourself to put your clothing away?

The problem isn’t putting your clothing away, the problem is interim clothing; clothing that you’ve worn once and plan to wear again. This clothing (pajamas, gym clothes, robes, etc.) is too dirty to be put back with the clean clothing but not dirty enough to go into the laundry.

What’s the solution? 3 hooks. 3 hooks per person to hold the interim clothing. More than 3 hooks will lead to a clothing wall and less than 3 hooks won’t be enough.

Once a week, when I do the laundry most of the hook clothing comes off to be laundered and the same thing happens the next week. Since we started using the hooks, my husband and I don’t have random clothing in our bedroom; there’s no need because there’s a solution. And what’s better? That solution doesn’t involve guilt!

Stay tuned for more little fixes and let me know if you have a problem you need help solving!


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