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5 organizing products (and brands) to put on your wishlist

The holidays are fast approaching and although you need to be mindful about what you bring into your home or give to others as gifts, there are certain products that make life easier. See below for 5 of my favorite products (and companies) and make sure to enter the giveaway on my Instagram for a chance to win all five!

1. Magnetic Kitchen Organization Rack: I’m very excited about this product and this relatively new brand, Yamazaki! Their products are sleek and solve problems that I haven’t seen solved by anyone else. This Magnetic Kitchen Organization Rack in particular packs a punch when it comes to kitchen storage; there’s a top shelf, which can hold taller items, a space for paper towels, a dowel to hold a kitchen towel, and hooks at the bottom for any number of kitchen tools and accessories. It affixes easily to the fridge with a powerful magnet, which leaves you certain that it will stay. No downside, this is a great addition to any kitchen!

2. Two Step Stool: One of the first questions I ask when I’m working with a new client is whether or not they have a step stool. I can’t event count the number of times I’ve seen people climb on rickety swivel chairs and exclaim, ‘see, I don’t need one!’ Disagree; sometimes you do in fact need a step stool. There are areas of one’s apartment inaccessible to you without one, which means that you’re not making the most of your space. This is why I love this Cosco Two Step Stool. I use this in my kitchen and I love the sleek no handle look. I have a three step for the taller areas in my apartment.

3. Magnetic Menu Board: Meal planning is a pain in the keister for most people but with Quick Canary’s Magnetic Menu Board the task quickly becomes a lot easier and more fun. The left side has space to write out the menu for the week, while the right side has space for a grocery list and notes. I like the grocery list because it’s the antidote to what happens when an item runs out and you forget to write down that it needs to be replaced. Similarly, the notes space is the perfect place to write down things like ‘defrost chicken Tuesday night’ so that you can remember to have it ready for Wednesday night’s dinner.

4. Udry Drying Mat/ Shoe Dry Rack: I love innovative products and this one is so subtly genius I can’t get enough of it! Drying mats are a great idea for a small counter but the issue is that certain items like plates don’t dry well stacked on top of one another. Welcome Umbra with its Udry Drying Mat which, in addition to the microfiber mat, has an easily removable dish rack tray. The mat can be washed in the washing machine and the dish rack can be washed on the top rack of the dishwasher – ta-da!

Umbra, an awesome Canadian brand (represent J) with incredibly original and innovative solutions applied the same logic in the creation of their Shoe Dry Rack, which is a foam drying mat with two raised (removable) racks. This allows for wet shoes to dry faster because they’re on the elevated trays.

5. Packing Cube Starter Set: Packing cubes are an easy way to keep your suitcase organized and with EZ Packing’s Clearview Starter Set, it’s even easier. I’ve tried a few different types of packing cubes and the reason I love EZ packing is because they’re clear. Not only will you know that you separated your clothing by type, you’ll also be able to see what is where. With options that are not clear you start out organized but end taking everything out anyways because you can’t remember what you put where. This is your best defence against a disorganized bag!

The popularity of organizing products is on the rise and while some just talk the talk, others – like the five above – actually make your life easier. This blog was done in partnership with Cosco, Yamazaki, Quick Canary, Umbra and EZ Packing, however all opinions are my own.

Try my tips above and let me know how it goes! You can email me at and follow me on Instagram @toritheorganizer.



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