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entryway organization: product spotlight

City apartments are not generally known for having lavish entryways but that doesn’t stop people from dumping their shoes, keys, etc. at the door. So how do you deal? Let me introduce you to my favorite entryway solution; something I’ve been searching for my whole life (ok, three years; since I moved to NYC).

Enter Yamazaki Home – an organization brand with ingenious fixes for everyday annoyances. And contrary to other brands who try to solve the same issues, Yamazaki has got style! When I found the 6 - Tier Wood Top Shoe Rack it felt like my prayers had been answered (yes, I am far too invested in organizing products, that’s clear).

There were three main issues I was looking to solve:

1. Ample shoe Storage: I needed a piece that would hold a fair number of shoes. There are those pieces that hold 4 pairs, which are cute but not actually helpful for most people. My husband and I take off our shoes at the door and we’re not about to stop doing that. I could try to put my shoes in my bedroom, or I could realize that I’m not going to do that and plan for what will actually happen. The shoe rack holds 18 pairs of shoes – comfortably two pairs of larger and one pair of smaller on each shelf.

2. Entry Table: There are plenty of options for shoe storage that are thin enough and hold even more pairs but there’s one problem, no tabletop! Why is that a big deal, you ask? Where am I supposed to put my key bowl? Or charge my cellphone? And items I want to remember to bring with me? I need that, as most people do.

3. Thin: There are options for table with storage underneath, but they are not thin enough for an apartment hallway. And my idea of a good time is not squeezing past my entryway table every single time I leave my home. This solution is wide enough to hold shoes and have a small tabletop, which is exactly what I need.

Previous to owning my own Yamazaki Home shoe rack, I had created my own version, which was nice, but let’s be honest, it looked like I jerry rigged it myself and it was way too large for my small apartment. With Yamazaki had two color options; white with a light wood tabletop or black with a medium wood tabletop. I went with the black and it fits in really well with my goal of looking like I live in an adult’s apartment.

This post was done in partnership with Yamazaki Home, however all opinions are my own. Try my tips above and let me know how it goes! You can email me at and follow me on Instagram @toritheorganizer.


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