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5 reasons to declutter and get organized:

An orderly home with clear countertops is an image that fills me with joy. I get endless satisfaction from items put in their proper place and systems that make sense. For a long time I thought I was alone in my thinking but it turns out I’m not; many people want the same thing but have trouble putting thoughts into actions. If you’re looking for your why, see below for 5 reasons to declutter and get organized

1. Save Time – How much time do you spend looking for things? If you’re a busy person, and even if you’re not, it’s time wasted. Imagine a world in which the item you’re looking for is in the exact place you expected it to be. It’s in a place that logistically makes sense for your life (not someone else’s). For example, I have a box cutter on my entry table because I shop online and don’t want to go searching for it every time I have to open a box.

2. Save Money – How many times have you opened a new box to realize that you already have 1 or 3 of the same thing? This is most often seen with kitchen and beauty/ bathroom items. Often when my clients figure out just how many duplicates of one thing or another they can’t believe it. My favorite was my 83-year old client who had 28 boxes of slow cooker liners. The kicker; she doesn’t cook! And yet, every time she was at the grocery store, she would think to herself, ‘I should grab a box of slow cooker liners, just in case’.

3. Home As a Haven: What if coming into your home allowed you to instantly take a deep breath and relax? Imagine clear surfaces and everything in its place (because everything has a place). I’ve had clients who worked with me to purge before their move tell me that if they’d done this years ago, they wouldn’t have needed to move. Decluttering and organizing allows your space to breathe. I’m the type of person who needs to clean up before I can get to my work. With a decluttered and organized space, it takes a few minutes of daily maintenance and ta-da, all good.

4. Easy to Clean: A complaint I often hear from clients is that their housekeepers don’t clean. If you have a housekeeper or if you’re your own housekeeper, you’ll notice that the less you have and the less you have out, the easier it is to clean. If you don’t know where to put things, chances are that whoever is cleaning your home doesn’t either. The good news is that once things have been decluttered and organized, most people welcome the clear direction (and labels if needed) and the relationship improves.

5. Easy to Move: If you’re someone who moves often or has a move in your future, the less stuff you have, the easier your move will be. Less packing, means less unpacking and less overall headache. I just finished working with a 94-year old woman who decided she was too bogged down by stuff and wanted to purge before her move. We went through everything and she let go of 90% of her belongings. She moved with only 20 boxes and it took me only a few hours to put everything away. The rest was donated. I’ve never been a part of an easier move.

Whether you’re looking to save money, time, or just make your life easier, decluttering and organizing can help. The best part is that once you have a hold on your home, the skills you have learned will extend into other areas of your life as well. There’s a tidal wave of organization coming your way if you’re up for it!

Try my tips above and let me know how it goes! You can email me at and follow me on Instagram @toritheorganizer.


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