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Transitioning into retirement is one of life's most exciting shifts.

Let Tori take care of managing your stuff while you enjoy the moment!


Get $100 Off Your First Session

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Retirement Organization by Tori the Organizer

Congratulations on your retirement! Retiring is one of life's most exciting transitions, but it can also be overwhelming. Suddenly many of the things you needed to get through the day as a working professional are collecting dust, and the new gear you've bought has nowhere to go. Don't fret - Tori the Organizer has your back. With Tori by your side this big shift will feel like a breeze.

Organizing Services Include:


  • Decluttering ​​​​

  • Organization (Whole Home or Single Room)

  • Donation of Items to Your Favorite Organizations

  • Hiring/Management of Junk Removal Service

  • Design of Organization & Storage Systems

  • Storage Container Recommendations


Retirement is the perfect opportunity to put in place systems of organization to be used well into the future. Using her signature Declutter, Organize & Maintain philosophy, Tori will tailor a ​customized plan to help you clutter-free as you settle into this new phase of life.

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Ready to Get Organized for Retirement?

Contact Tori for a free consultation and to get $100 off your first session:
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